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Gabions 2.0. You can use gabions as a boundary, fence and much much more. With Gabinova's gabions you can create a lovely atmosphere in your garden. You can do this with the waterfalls, fireplaces and plant columns (with or without LED lighting). Find numerous examples in our webshop. We have standard sizes that can be packed and shipped fast. Or you can choose to customize your gabion - choose your own measurements, colours, stones etc. This may take a bit longer to ship than the standard gabions, but its definately worth the small wait! All parts and tools are delivered with the gabion, making it easy for you to assemble.

Choosing a gabion

Gabions come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Choose a standard gabion, a decoratie gabion or create your own!

  • - standard gabions
  • - customized gabion
  • - decorative gabions
  • - garden fireplaces