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Gabion Wastebin basic lxhxw 0,95m x 1,15m x 1,00m

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With the Gabinova Kliko basket basic module, you can easily conceal your waste containers by placing them in the U-shaped gabion. It is suitable for one waste container with a capacity of 60, 80, and 120 liters. 

Height: 115 cm
Inside width:   70 cm
Outside width: 97 cm
Inside depth: 97 cm
Wall thickness: 17cm

Wire thickness: 4 mm

The basic element is suitable for 1 container and you can extend this with several L-shaped extension modules. In this way, you can install as many containers as you wish. The wire mesh size is 5x5cm, height is 115cm and wall thickness is 17cm. The Galfan coating of the wires provides extensive protection against corrosion. The pre-fabricated gabions are installed by means of a U-shape, so they can be installed quickly and easily. They are made of high quality German mesh panels with choice of a wide range of rubble stones. We will deliver your Kliko gabions completely premounted.

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Kliko schanskorf Basis module
Customize Gabion Wastebin basic lxhxw 0,95m x 1,15m x 1,00m
Gabion Wastebin basic lxhxw 0,95m x 1,15m x 1,00m
Total compound price: 

1.188,25 kr


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    Gabion Wastebin basic lxhxw 0,95m x 1,15m x 1,00m
    Total compound price: 

    1.188,25 kr

    Incl. free accessories such as spacers, C-rings, manual, and a pair of gloves. The gabions are made of Galfan (zinc-alu) mesh panels of 2.00m x 1.00m and a wire diameter of 4mm with a mesh size of 50mm x 50mm. This makes for a life expectancy that is 3 times longer than normal thermally zinced material and therefore, will last a lifelong. By making use of this mesh diameter of 50mm x 50mm, the gabions can also be filled with smaller rubble stones, which you can pour in the gabion quite easily. We install our gabions with firm C-rings that will be placed on the gabion every 15cm. Spacers (hooks) are also supplied with your gabions, which will be installed inside the gabion to ensure that you end up with a tight end result and to prevent the so called ‘expanding’.

    Our mesh panels contain a zinc-aluminium coating (95% zinc, 5% aluminium). The panels have been tested for 3000 hours during a salt spray test (DIN 50021) and have passed this test. This is identical to 90 years in a normal environment. The pulling force of the mesh panels is at least 450 N / mm ². The diameter of the spacers is 4.5mm. The panels and spacers are produced in Germany.

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